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When measuring your tusks the more measurements and pictures the merrier!

At the very least get the  top and bottom curl lengths and a few circumference (girth) measurements

- Top of curl length

- Bottom of curl length

- Inside curl length

- Outside curl length

- Circumferences at known distances from

       either the base or the tip

- Base to tip measurements

- Trough measurement (curve of top)

- Features and Characteristics

- Close-up pictures displaying individual characteristics and colors

*Please Watch my quick video demonstration below on how to measure tusks

Prices are based on overall dimensions of each tusk.
Values will be in (U.S. Dollar)
50% Deposit Required

    Below is a form for measurements if needed

Small Title

Tusk Replica Details + Prices

Replica carvings are carved to duplicate each individual tusk in respect to shape, size, curvatures, details, and colors

Tusks can be hollowed and weighted to actual weight for 100% FULL realism!


Tusk Mounting Options

     Carved Skull for Euro Mount


Get a full frontal skull carved custom or generic to mount your set of tusks into. This is comprised of the frontal skull bone (forehead), the two orbital sockets (eye bones), nasal cavity, a section of the zygomatic arch(ear bone), and the tusk holding section

         Display Stands

Have your tusks mounted on a base of your choice from either out of a taxidermy catalog or custom built


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